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We envision a society 

where neighborhood schools welcome all

learners and create the foundation 

for inclusive communities.

Learning Together to Live Together

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MCIE’s work has impacted children and youth across

the United States and internationally!

Getting Ready

District Alignment & Planning for Equity-based Inclusion

School Transformation & Demonstration

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The Weeklyish

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The Inclusion Catalyst

MCIE Resources

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MCIE and Inclusive Education From the Start

Founded in 1988, MCIE's initial efforts were focused on community organizing and administrative advocacy. As we've grown, so have our services and expertise. Today, MCIE successfully promotes effective and inclusive education practices in Maryland, across the United States, and internationally! We develop partnerships with school districts and state agencies; and we collaborate with universities, advocacy agencies, professional organizations, and a variety of disability groups. We assist schools in their work to improve instruction and social/behavioral supports, and we share current information on evidence-based educational practices. Through our customized services, we provide solutions for inclusive education at the system, school and student level.

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What People Have To Say About MCIE

R.E., Principal

"It is hard to put into words the impact that MCIE has had on my school. I see the benefits every time I walk into one of the classrooms; our school is truly a community of learners where everyone is looked upon as integral parts of this community. This could not have been accomplished without all of the support and guidance that we received from MCIE." 

Dr. Paula Kluth

"Just so much to appreciate about MCIE. I think I take for granted that you folks do this outstanding work. You are all a reminder of what is possible, and I am so grateful for it." 

R. B., Teacher

"I remain indebted to MCIE for the exceptional assistance they provided to our school. Their professionalism, patience, and collaboration were outstanding. They were instrumental in helping us wade through the decision-making processes when moving from self-contained services to a home school model for inclusion." 

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