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School-wide & System-wide Reform

If your school system is ready to engage in a long term transformation process for success for ALL students, contact MCIE.

We will work with you on a small scale but with a long term goal.We know how to implement systemic change to transform special education service delivery and improve outcomes for all students, while increasing inclusive education.

MCIE has worked systemically with several school systems to transform special education service delivery from separate programs to a comprehensive and inclusive approach to teaching ALL students. We've learned to look at student data, gain teacher input, listen to administrative and community concerns, and be a "critical friend" to improve instruction for everyone in the school building. Our systems change process considers school-wide needs in instruction, behavior supports, and individual student services, as well as targeted classroom needs and planning for individual students. When coupled with a multiple-school plan, we work closely with district leadership to conduct professional development and evaluate progress based on student outcome data. 

Using our strategic action planning approach, MCIE and our system partners assess the system's needs, engage stakeholders, and establish the priorities to be addressed at the district level. We then work alongside the leadership team to develop a plan for identifying the schools or early childhood sites that will be involved, meeting identified goals and measuring progress. At the targeted school or early childhood sites, MCIE staff work with the site-based leadership team to assess needs using a group process and the well-respected "Quality Indicators of Inclusive Schools." We create a tiered action plan to address goals for improving instructional and behavioral practices across the school, for targeted groups, and for individual students and teams that need more intensive support. We've done it before and can do it again.

If you are not ready to work on transformation, but want to get started on school improvement, MCIE designs professional development activities to teach the practices necessary to promote student achievement and participation in general education classes for all students. This can include school-based workshops or in-class coaching for teachers, with a personal action planning system to target change in their classroom practices.

For more information, contact Carol Quirk.

7484 Candlewood Road, Suite R, Hanover, MD 21076 / 410.859.5400 phone / 1.800.899.8837 toll free / 410.859.1509 fax / mcie@mcie.org

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