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(Text on screen: Learning Together. Our daughter Erin is in 4th grade at Scotchtown Hills Elementary School in Laurel, Maryland. Erin has Down syndrome and has attended her neighbourhood public school in general education classroom since kindergarten. The Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education (MCIE) was instrumental in making that possible. A few of Erin’s classmates wanted to share the following. Jackie and Mike McLaughlin.)

[Anna appears on screen and faces the camera. Anna is wearing a white shirt.]

Hi. My name is Anna Abba. It is fun having Erin in our class.

Because it has given me a different experience. I have known Erin since kindergarten. She has made good friends and she is fun to be around. Ms. Dorris has taught her to be a good student and learned new things in different ways.

[Vanya appears on screen and faces the camera. Vanya is wearing a black jumper on a white shirt.]

Hi, my name is Vanya Lader. I think it is important to have different kinds of people in our class. Erin is in my class. This year I have learned from Erin to be patient and have taught her not to do certain things. We need each other. In my five years of being in Scotchtown Hills, I have never been in a better class. We all act like we are a family, but we really are! Erin can always make you laugh. I would not want to be in another class. We are family and please don't take that away from us. I have had patience because my brother is different too.

He has spina bifida.

[Hayden appears on screen and faces the camera. Hayden is wearing a white polo shirt.]

Hello. My name is Hayden McWilliams. I think classes should have all different kinds of people. One thing is it teaches people a lot about how to care for each other and how to be nice. If you continue to put different people in each class, I think there will be less fights and each class would feel more like a family.

[Ms Dorris appears on screen and faces the camera. Ms. Dorris is wearing a black high collar cardigan.]

Hello. My name is Jennifer Dorris, and I'm from Scotchtown Hills Elementary where I'm the proud teacher of these great students that you've just heard speak. I've taught in Prince George's County for twenty years, and I have been privileged to work with, and for, some truly amazing individuals. This year however has been the most rewarding of my career so far. I wish that you could see what I witness every day.  The compassion, the comradery, the joy, the enthusiasm. As Vanya has already said, my students have really become like a family and that is thanks in part to having Erin in our class. Like so many in our profession, I became a teacher because I want to help make the world a better place and I know that teaching is what I was called to do. But I only hope that my students learn as much from me as I'm learning from working with Erin in this year. By her very presence she is teaching us to be better people.

I will forever be grateful and humbled by this opportunity that I've been given. Thank you.

[Erin appears on screen and faces the camera. Erin is wearing a white polo shirt.]

I love my friends. I love my school.

[Photo of Erin followed by class photo of 2008-2009 Grade 4.]

(Text on screen: Learning Together produced by: Mike McLaughlin in cooperation with Prince George’s County Public Schools and The Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education.

Music by Kevin Macleod

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