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What People Say About Us

It is hard to put into words the impact that MCIE has had on my school. I see the benefits every time I walk into one of the classrooms; our school is truly a community of learners where everyone is looked upon as integral parts of this community. This could not have been accomplished without all of the support and guidance that we received from MCIE.

-- R.E., Principal
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We can't thank you enough for the outstanding Advocacy Services that MCIE has provided to us for our daughter over the last eight-plus years. Our case has been difficult and challenging at times; but now, for the time being, we are satisfied with our daughter's school placement. To see our daughter happy about school and being greeted by, talked to and included with her non-disabled peers makes all the effort it took to get here worth it.

-- R.L & S.L., Parents

I remain indebted to MCIE for the exceptional assistance they provided to our school. Their professionalism, patience, and collaboration were outstanding. They were instrumental in helping us wade through the decision-making processes when moving from self-contained services to a home school model for inclusion.

-- R. B., Teacher

I am

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 a proud recipient of MCIE's advocacy services and my experience with them has positively exceeded my expectations. I came to MCIE because my daughter's school was recommending that she be placed in a self-contained classroom, which of course was very disturbing to me, leaving me breathless and without any choice, but to contact MCIE. Today, with the help of MCIE, my daughter is included with her peers with full support and doing very well.

-- D.N., Parent

MCIE makes a difference in the lives of the students they represent because the staff believes in its mission, has strong advocacy skills and employs effective negotiating techniques. …Because of MCIE's efforts, a blind individual with other disabilities is pursuing her high school diploma. Many educators wanted to shunt this student into a certificate program. By fighting for appropriate services, MCIE helped this student to not only continue on the diploma track, but also to become an honor roll student.

-- S.M., National Federation of the Blind of Maryland

What helped Jamie and Sue was that the people around them presumed that they were competent. And they did something more. Their parents and teachers and friends refused to believe of them as something different, something "over there." Instead, they told them "You belong here. You deserve to be here. You have a right to be here." Tonight, we celebrate the Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education, to bring that right of inclusion to students here in Maryland… Read his full remarks from our 20th year anniversary celebration!

-- John P. Hussman, Ph.D.

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What People Say About Us

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