Guest Blog Guidelines

Information on Guest Blog Post Exchanges

Blog Post Exchange Proposal – Point of Contact and Format

Proposals should be sent by email to Kit Mead at Please put "Guest post exchange" in the subject of your email. If the email we should use to contact you is different than the email used to submit, let us know. 

In the body of the email, please note the working title of idea or blog post. Make sure to include your name, as you would want it to appear on a blog post. If desired or applicable, include your professional affiliations and website. The email should also have a proposal. The proposal should highlight what you want to write about for us and what you want us to write about for you.

You may send just the proposal or a full submission. If you have a full submission ready, please attach it to the email. We accept these file types: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, and .odt. No PDFs.

Guidelines for Guest Blog Post Exchange – when you send us an idea for a blog post exchange!

The subject should relate to disability inclusive education. We will also consider posts about ideas and projects that positively impact students with disabilities. Posts should not reveal a person’s identity and discuss intimate details of their life.

Images in posts should have image descriptions or alt text. If you are unsure, please ask!

Any editing will be done collaboratively. We will not make any final changes without permission. We will not ask for or keep exclusive rights on your piece in the exchange. You may publish it elsewhere. We will be publishing items that align with our mission. However, a blog post appearing here does not mean an endorsement. 

We are looking for a word count of at least 450 words and no more than 1,000.


As part of the exchange, we will write a guest blog post on an inclusive education topic of your choosing. You will get an author bio on a “blog contributors” page. We can provide print MCIE resources if desired. We will also periodically interview guest bloggers for a feature later.

For further questions:

Email Kit Mead at, or call MCIE at (410) 859-5400.