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For Administrators, Principals, and State Agencies

How can I measure inclusive practices in my school ?

There are several measures that have been developed over the last 30 years to identify what schools are doing and need to develop in order to provide quality and effective inclusive education services.

  • SWIFT Center has an assessment tool here that measures the extent to which schools are implementing the SWIFT framework, focused on a Multi-Tiered System of • Supports (MTSS) to guide inclusive education
  • You can use the MCIE survey on staff attitudes to assess your staff’s beliefs about inclusive education. We would appreciate you sharing your data - and let us know if you’d like a link to an electronic version!
  • The Florida Inclusion Network uses the Best Practices in Inclusive Education (BPIE) in their work with schools

What is my responsibility as a school principal or administrator? How can I prepare to support students with disabilities?

Principals are in a unique position to support their staff in establishing a vision for meeting the educational needs of all learners within the requirements of the State and school district. The principal is key in setting the stage and guiding staff as they implement new and improve existing practices so ALL learners are successful within the general education framework. Some resources are: