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About MCIE

What services does MCIE provide?

MCIE’s mission is to be the catalyst for the meaningful and successful participation of all students in their neighborhood schools. Our specific services vary annually, based on grants, contracts, and emerging priorities in the field. The primary way to describe MCIE’s services is:

Information dissemination:

• Referral to advocacy or professional agencies, and individuals who provide consultation
• Sharing of resources through our website and social media postings
• Sharing information through publications and email messages


• Individual student planning for schools challenged to design a comprehensive personalized program for a student with academic or behavioral challenges
• Strategic discussions with schools, districts, and states related to policy and practice to promote successful student outcomes
• Engagement in local or national think tanks for planning forums

Professional learning opportunities:

• Presentations at local, regional, and national forums
• Courses, workshops and webinars for families and educators
• Targeted assistance to develop school and classroom practices to promote student success in general education instruction
• Intensive, long term partnerships with local school systems, using MCIE’s school transformation and systems change process to create effective and sustainable practices in partnership with school districts.

Collaborative partnerships:

• Support and engagement with organizations (state and local education agencies, universities, advocacy agencies, professional organizations) to achieve mutual goals
• Collaborative consultation on specific topics to promote positive outcomes for all students through inclusive policy and practice.
• Projects with local, state and national organizations (education agencies, universities, etc.) to strategically and systemically improve inclusive options and outcomes for all students