Re: Why School Districts Are Not The Enemy

Excellent blog and excellent suggestions! I'm a parent of a special education student and have had very successful experiences for my child with the school system and everyone working as a team. I must add that as parents we should have high expectations for our children first as well as for the school system staff, but we also need to have high expectations of ourselves and be able to self-critique and consider whether the expectations we have are realistic- are they based on fear, assumptions, or lack of knowledge or information. As parents we need to place high expectations on ourselves that we will analyze the situation and consider many factors. I have seen demanding parents create impossible situations for their child that hurt the child and his/her development because staff attempts to honor those requests or are bullied into honoring them. I was given the gift of a 4 letter word once, by a very wise mentor- I share it here- "STOP". Live in this moment of your child's development and do not allow your brain to race ahead light years because you cannot know today exactly how your child will develop to that point in time and all you will do is create anxiety and fear in yourself, your child, and those around you. Our special needs children will dictate the time they require to find their level of success- hopefully they can do it with the support of the entire team that they need!

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