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  • Jan 24, 2013

    The Loud Hands Project

    By Guest Blogger Julia Bascom

    The Loud Hands Project is a project by and for autistic* people. Our tagline is "autistic people, speaking," because the focus of the project is on sharing the fact that autistic people, verbal and nonverbal alike, have things to say and are finding ways, right now, already, to say them. The Loud Hands Project exists to create a record of autistic people communicating, by whatever methods they use (speech, sign [...] More...

  • Nov 29, 2012

    Gracie Finds Her Voice: Inclusion and AAC

    by Staff Blogger Marny Helfrich, M.Ed.

    She stood in the strange room, eyes wide, taking it all in.  Then she started to scream.  What was wrong?  Was she scared?  Lonely?  Hungry?  Angry?  There was no way to know, because she had no words, no way to communicate.  (As it turned out, she needed to use the restroom, but it took some trial-and-error, accompanied by continued crying on her [...] More...

  • Nov 05, 2012

    Why School Districts Are Not The Enemy

    by Guest Blogger Tim Villegas

    Preposterous? Maybe... but hear me out.

    We are our own biggest enemy. Our assumptions that is...and we all bring them to the table when thinking about the role of school, special education, and inclusion. [...] More...

  • Sep 10, 2012

    An Inclusive Dialogue

    Welcome to the new MCIE blog! I’m Sheila, Communications Coordinator at MCIE, and I’ll be curating the blog as it moves forward. I came to MCIE nine months ago with a lot to learn. I had studied the disability rights movement as a Political Science student who focused on issues of social change. But [...] More...

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