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    Our Philosophy

    At MCIE, we believe that people with disabilities are entitled to the same rights and opportunities as those without disabilities. Our inclusive philosophy is rooted in the belief that all children should be expected to attend their neighborhood school, learn from the same curriculum, and be prepared to live in a world that includes both neurotypical and atypical learners. By providing students with disabilities access to an equitable education, we are helping them acquire the skills that will lead to a successful life, and we are making an investment in our future.

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    Good Practice

    "Not only is inclusion a right - but it is also good educational practice. In my experience, schools that provide quality education can provide inclusive education - if they choose to take on the challenge. Teachers, principals and parents can mobilize to make inclusion not only a progressive vision - they can also make it a reality. Problems can be solved, challenges can be met."

    Gordon L. Porter, C.M.
    Director of Inclusive Education Canada

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    Inclusive Schools

    "Administrators, school board members, and teachers in leadership positions play a critical role in inclusive schools by articulating a vision for inclusive schooling, building support for the vision, and working with the school community to implement strategies and principles that make the school successful."

    Dr. Paula Kluth
    "You're Going to LoveThis Kid!" (p. 24)
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    Our History

    Founded in 1988, MCIE's initial efforts were focused on community organizing and administrative advocacy. In 1990 we piloted our first school-wide inclusive education efforts, and in 1992 we formed our advocacy services program which offered legal representation for families until 2015. As we've grown and partnered with other state and national organizations, MCIE's professional learning opportunities have expanded.  MCIE now provides training for teachers, inclusive education transformation for schools, district-wide systems change support, courses and workshops, and student-centered planning.  We work in and outside of Maryland to promote effective and inclusive education practices for ALL students.


Sep 27, 2018

Appreciation from a Chinese Visitor

By: Xu Su Qiong, Ph.D.   I would like to express my deep appreciation to my MCIE colleagues. Thanks to them, I had an opportunity to learn inclusive education practices and approaches of how they, as professional teams, promote inclusion in school system of Maryland. I have enjoyed their enthusiasm and expertise for [...]

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